With the new objectives of European Strategic Autonomy come new opportunities for Member States. With growing defence and commercial interests in the Indo-Pacific, not only Spain but also Greece, on the other side of the Mediterranean, targeting India in particular, is seizing the opportunity.

For the first time in 40 years, India’s Prime Minister Modi himself visited Greece. With the growing interests between the two countries, Greece’s location suggests that it plans to become a strategic point for Europe. The two sides were also due to meet during the recent G20 gathering in host India. One of the main objectives of the two countries is to link mutual investment and establish a new trade route linking the two countries through the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East. The question is how this strategy will lift Greece, which is recovering from a political crisis rather than the economic one of 2008. The Greeks may also facilitate the establishment of relations between the EU and India. This would also open up space for Central Europe, which, given the direction of foreign policy, the Czech Republic could easily exploit.


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